I love to throw myself into new experiences and learn new things. I am a technology aficionado, always looking for ways to implement technology to help better society. One thing you will quickly discover is that anything that challenges me, intrigues me. I look forward to the great scientific endeavors of the future. You should check out my awesome work.


Waites Wireless

Led an international team in the development of specific parts of a factory monitoring system that decreases machine related injury and increased factory efficiency by 20%. Led development on a specialized system that will be installed in Amazon Fulfillment Centers

CanDo Digital Agency

While at CanDo, I developed an official mobile application for a 2016 presidential candidate. I also had the chance to launch a web application that prevents online art theft through an algorithm that detects copyright infringement.

Research Project

During high school, I developed an algorithm that could be applied to carbon monoxide detectors that would predict when high levels of CO would strike, rather than react to high levels of CO as is common in standard commercially available sensors.